Onam is a wildly celebrated festival in Kerala. People make colourful rangolis to decorate their houses. Do you know the story of Onam?

Well, it seems, long, long ago there lived an asura king called ‘ Mahabali’. He though, was a great ardent worshipper of Vishnu. He was a very popular and rich king. He even earned a name, ‘Mahabali Chakravarthy’.

Looking at the growing popularity and fame of King Mahabali Gods became extremely concerned and jealous. They felt threatened about their own supremacy and began to think of a strategy to get rid of the dilemma.

Now, there are 3 of Kashyapa’s (One of Brahma’s sons) wives you must know. They are Diti, Aditi & Manavi. Diti is the mother of the Asuras (demons), Aditi of the Ishwaras (gods), & Manavi of the Manavas (humans).

To curb the growing reign of Mahabali and maintain their own supremacy, Aditi, the mother of Gods seeked help of Lord Vishnu (the preserver in the Hindu trinity) whom Mahabali worshiped.

It was said Mahabali was very generous and charitable. Whenever anybody approached him for help or requested for anything he always granted. To test the King, Lord Vishnu disguised himself as a dwarf and a poor Brahmin called Vamana. He came to the Kingdom of Mahabali, just after Mahabali performed his morning prayers and was preparing to grant boons to Brahmins. Lord Vishnu takes Vamana Avatar.

Vishnu, The caretaker of the world

Vamana Avatar

Thus, he comes to Lord Mahabali. He asks for some land, only as much as 3 steps from his own foot. Although Mahabali is baffled a bit by his request, he agrees. Vamana grows LARGER & LARGER AND LARGER, that he reaches his cosmic proportion.

He covered half of the earth with 1 step ; with another step Vamana covered the other half, then he asks,’ Give me space for my 3rd step.’

‘But then you will destroy earth,’ Mahabali pleaded.

‘Hmmm… then find me some place’

‘My own head.’

Vamana placed his foot on Mahabali. Mahabali went WHOOSH! Into Patala Lok. Mahabali said,

‘You must be god. Show your eternal form. ‘

Vamana disappears & Vishnu appeared.

‘It’s me, Vishnu. It’s the galaxies, Vishnu. It’s the rishimunis, Vishnu. It’s the Ksatriyas, Vishnu. It’s the universe, Vishnu. You have passed your life’s test. I would like to grant you a boon.’

‘Hey Vishnu! I am attached so much to my city & people, that I have only 1 single wish now. Allow me to visit Kerala once a year.’

‘Your wish is granted,’

And so was granted by Vishnu.

Today, which is 31/08/2020, is Onam this year. It will indeed be different, but let’s hope not next year. We will probably expect Mahabali or Vishnu to come wearing masks & face shields!?

Love, Aanya. ??(❁´◡`❁)(✿◡‿◡) आनीया

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  1. Hi Aanya! Do you love celebrating Onam? I do! If you too, then I RRREEEAAALLLYYY love the Onam’s story you have given!

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