In a small tribe where snakes, tigers, etc, were highly respected & considered divine, a latthels’ (a person who fights with long, sturdy sticks very well) daughter stayed in the midst of a forest. She was fairly good at sword-fighting, bow and arrow, gadaa (club (the fighting one)), spears, tridents, whips, etc.

She, who was Naira, was a married woman, but her husband didn’t know a dark secret.

She was a descendent of a sage, who, in anger, when the husbands’ ancestor spoilt his yagya, he had given him a curse:
‘Your tenth descendent will be killed by my eleventh. You will regret for that, since she shall not visit your family. She shall not die until her work is done.’

Only Naira knew this secret.

20 years later, she made friends with a cobra.
The cobra didn’t like the husband like Naira, but he was so kind.

The husband, once, stamped on the snakes’ tail on purpose.

Naira saw it, and hit the husband very hard, so he fell down where the cobra was. The cobra bit him.

He was a bully and very worldly and hard. For instance, if someone got a tummy ache, he’d simply push him.

Naira used her sword to slap him, and he gave a faint, odd sound as if he was confused.

And that was the end of him…

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