Hello everyone! As I await for the lockdown to end, I also, as you may know, love to read. Very before writing this article, I had gone down to play. After that I picked up my favourite book, ‘A Little Princess’.

I read my fav chapter; ‘One of the populace’ When Sara Crewe the scullery maid meets a beggar girl (populace) who had not eaten, she buys 6 buns for a fourpence and gives 5 of them to the poor beggar girl and takes 1 for herself. That left me (as usual) thinking of something; Do we give an honest share to a beggar woman? When will police stop shooing the ‘populace’ mistaking them for thieves? Do we ever feel any kind of sympathy for those people? We only are busy with “Oh! Look at this pair of shoes!” and “Let’s get these saris and kurtis and this leather bag and this jewel-case with jewels already there in it!”

I have some ways here to help the poor. Read it and one day you’ll thank God.

1. Piggy bank

Money is necessary for all people.

Some people own companies where you can donate small little amounts of money. I have seen a small donation box at the annual Durga Puja for people to take a little money out from their purse and keep it inside. Your children (or you if you are a kid like me) can spot one when there is one. Put some money in it and before you know it, well done! You have helped a fellow in need!

You and your friends can also do one like this too! Keep a nice little amazon ka dabba or any other cardboard box and then slit a hole enough for 200 Rs to fit. Cover the rest with aluminium foil. Write the words ‘DONATION BOX’. Now put it near your villa or in your apartment. People will put money in the box and then you can give them to many beggars!

2. Activities

People adore doing activities. You can do one based on this too!

Some people in this world do small skits based on poverty and post it in YouTube. You can do it too! Gather a group of friends and dress up as beggars and rich people. Then think about your skit and then record it. You can use strong voices for the rich and weak ones for all beggars. Ask mommy to edit it. You can share it with all other family members, post it on Facebook, or even in Instagram or YouTube!

Can you see the poor? Here, it’s not a question. It is a wonderful travel game, and it could have been played by you earlier. So all you ought to do is when you are traveling, one will be the judge. She/He has to make a timetable but instead of boring studies, write the names of the players! When you spot a beggar, say ‘FOUND ONE!’ & tick your name in the judge’s timetable. Continue till the journey is over. Then see the number of ticks under your name. Each tick costs 5 points. The lucky one who gets more points is the winner!
The winner must donate his winnings for the cause.

Do you know any other travel games? If yes, comment in the comment section and I’ll be happy to know it right away.

3. Li’l interviewers

source; Gifer

Who wouldn’t like to be interviewed? Give your answer in the comments with a reason

a. Humourless politicians b. Bollywood/Hollywood/etc c. Beggars d. Gipsies e. None of these

I say, e. None of these. Although I’d like to choose a. Humourless politicians, you shouldn’t tease people like that.

Have you seen the NDTV? Do your mom and dad see it? Have you caught a glimpse of it? Have you seen people talking to gipsies and workers? Well, these people are called “reporters”.

You can be one too! Gather friends and find a worker in/near your living area/apartment. Ask him her questions like;

  • Do you find any difficulties in this lockdown?
  • Have you realised anything with corona virus lockdown?
  • How are you coping up with your difficulties nowadays?
  • Can you tell your most wanted wish right now?

Record this thing and post it in Facebook with the words #li’l journalist Aanya Prithibi. My mom who is the founder of Shishuworld will be happy to see it.
‘#li’l journalist Aanya Prithibi’ is the keyword. This is the latest contest for now, friends.

4. Campaigning

Campaigning: Trying to finish the most important aim by doing something.

Why not? I am going to have a “Coronical challenge” and with all the money me and my mates earn will be enough for us to give to many beggars. Now, children can do it too. I am doing it. Why not you?

We will first interview some people and record it all. Then we will have the coronical challenge. We will have to;

  • Make posters
  • Collect names of people willing to participate
  • Distribute tickets
  • Create games
  • Do what is needed for the games
  • Schedule when it’ll happen
  • Finally, just do it!
A poster saying to help the poor and thus defeat poverty


Make some beautiful posters. Put them on the roadside walls. Some people arrange painters and tell them to draw this and that or these and those on walls. You can do it too, if you enjoy graffiti. Make quotes like;

Help the populace in every way you can!!


These 5 ways of helping the poor will definitely help India and the world. By 2036 we should be seeing the new world!

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