This story is indeed real. Non-fiction. My good friend Sagarika told this to me:

Year; 1850

This story goes back to the 1800’s. Rakesh, who was the son of a great zamindar in Tamil Nadu????, was lying in the backyard (Well, this although is a strange start to an Indian mythology story, believe me; it’s real). The huge mansion was full of idols of Indian gods like Lakshmi, Shiva, Ganesha, Vishnu, etc.

Why? To pray of course… But there was 1 thing about Rakesh; he simply wouldn’t believe neither that Ganesha was beheaded then Shiva put an elephant’s head & POOF! Ganesha was alive nor that if you pray to Lakshmi & Saraswati you shall be wealthy & wise & famous ( he’s a ‘Total Fanatic’)
(If there is anyone like Rakesh you know then call him a ‘fanatic fool’)

‘ Lakshmi is just an idol!’ he’d shout. ‘ Shiva is a fool!’ ‘Fine, I will prove this, ma! I shall, baba!

So he decided next morning. It was a queer proof.
He took a 500 Rupee note, threw it to the ground & spat right on it! (Ugh!) Then he said apologetically yet dramatically, ‘ Hey Ma Lakshmi! Forgive me; I did all this by mistake.’ Nothing happened. Things were quiet. But soon it began to rain???. In Tamil Nadu, they believe that when it rains, Lakshmi is coming down from heaven to earth. Rakesh ran off & took shelter in the basement.

5 years later

They started becoming poorer drastically. Now there was barely any money. Rakesh realised his mistake. He walked into the pond and said, ‘Hey Ma Lakshmi! I apologise; I made my life’s biggest mistake. This is my last request. As I walk deeper & deeper in the pond, drown me.’ Rakesh’s parents heard this. They said, ‘Go, you are no more our son.’ That very moment Lakshmi came. She said,’You now know your faults. I’m very happy. But I’m sorry you’ll pay for this.’

Rakesh’s parents joined their hands & picked an old knife. Then they beheaded Rakesh. Then they walked away.

Lakshmi put a cow’s head over his neck, gave him life & took him to heaven.

Now he’s called the “Cow God”

His parents still live. They simply sit under a tree & read a book.


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